The Cincy Brass shared a bill with Robert Randolph on Monday night at the Southgate House

The Cincy Brass is the hottest local band in Cincinnati right now.  Self described as “Nawlins Soul Meets Cincinnati Funk”, the description couldn’t be more spot on.  However, in our opinion the diversity and originality of this outfit goes much deeper than the emotions their self description evokes.  As one member of the band would say last night, “Who came to see Robert Randolph tonight and thought they would see War Pigs played by a brass band?”  That is just the beginning of the vast and diverse repertoire this band possesses. Expect the completely unexpected from these guys.  Not only expect to be surprised, but be surprised by some of the best musicians in Cincinnati.  If you didn’t get a chance to see them open up for Robert Randolph, you’ll get your chance soon enough.  They play around town quite often and will be participating in this year’s Mid Point Music Festival in two weeks.  Information about The Cincy Brass can be found below.  The Noble Visions offers our readers with a look into The Cincy Brass opening up for Robert Randolph and The Family Band at the Southgate House on 9/12/11.

The Cincy Brass:  information about the band

The Cincy Brass at Mid Point Music Festival:


~ by thenoblevisions on September 13, 2011.

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