The Heartless Bastards return to Cincinnati and play a special acoustic evening for a sold out crowd.

The Heartless Bastards returned home to Cincinnati and performed at the Southgate House on July 28th.  The band calls Austin, TX home these days, but all in attendance knew that the Bastards had come home.  Not only did the band return to its roots, it also did something that is very rarely seen from this outfit.  They billed the night as a special Acoustic Evening with the Heartless Bastards.  It didn’t matter what incarnation of the band was going to show up this past Thursday night, the Southgate House was destined to sell out.  And sell out it did.  The Heartless Bastards took the stage without their drummer and delivered a solid evening of music.  The Noble Visions offers our readers with a look into the sold out Acoustic Evening with The Heartless Bastards at the Southgate House in Newport, Ky on Thursday July 28, 2011.

©Joshua Timmermans Photo/Word.  Reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited without approved written consent.



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