The New Mastersounds visited the historic Southgate House on June 1st.

Based out of Leeds, England, The New Mastersounds are quickly winning over fans in the United States.  The band recently wrapped up their 2011 spring tour.  The New Mastersounds made their first visit to the Cincinnati area on Wednesday June 1st when they played the historic Southgate House in Newport, Ky.  What can be described as a four piece funk juggernaut, the boys from across the pond know how to deliver a memorable evening of shake-your-ass music!  For Peter Shand, the band’s bassist, the visit to the Cincinnati area was a special one for him.  Prior to showtime, I had the opportunity to speak with Peter.  Peter mentioned to me “Back in the 70’s when I would buy my vinyl, I would always pick music that was recorded and produced in the Cincinnati area.  It is special for me to come to a place that I looked up to in terms of the music that I loved.  King Records was a favorite of mine.”

And what a special night it was for those that witnessed The New Mastersounds at the Southgate House on June 1st.

The New Mastersounds – 6/1/11 – Southgate House – Newport, KY

Set I:  Miracles, All I Want, Run Da, On the Border, In Da, This Ain’t Work, Minx, 33, Vandy, Confusion, Drop It Down, SF, Take What You Need, One Note

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~ by thenoblevisions on June 2, 2011.

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