Widespread Panic continued their 25th Anniversary Tour in Asheville, NC on April 8th & 9th

Widespread Panic delivered a memorable weekend of music this past weekend in Asheville, NC as part of their 25th Anniversary Tour.  Article to follow.

Widespread Panic – 04/08/11 Civic Center, Asheville, NC

Set 1: Holden Oversoul > Stop-Go > 1 x 1 > Better Off, Cotton Was King > Time Zones > Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > Jam > Tie Your Shoes > Blackout Blues > No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

Set 2: The Harder They Come > Impossible > Don’t Wanna Lose You > Pigeons > Disco > Aunt Avis > Goin’ Out West > Drums > Bust It Big > Makes Sense To Me

E: Driving Song > Heaven > Driving Song > Hope In A Hopeless World

[Soundcheck: ‘Hope In A Hopeless World’; JJ Grey & Mofro opened; Last ‘The Harder They Come’ – 10/27/01, 672 shows]

Stream this show here: http://panicstream.com/streams/wsp/2011_04_08/player.html

04/09/11 Civic Center, Asheville, NC

1: Ribs And Whiskey, Rebirtha > Send Your Mind, Tall Boy, Can’t Get High, Shut Up And Drive > You Got Yours > Machine > Barstools and Dreamers

2: Papa Legba, All Time Low > Jam > Little Lilly > Quarter Tank Of Gasoline, Visiting Day > I Walk On Guilded Splinters > Chilly Water > Arleen > Pilgrims > Chilly Water

E: Dirty Side Down, I’m Not Alone > Fixin’ To Die

[‘Satisfied’ rap during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’; JJ Grey & Mofro opened; Last ‘Quarter Tank Of Gasoline’ – 08/06/00, 777 shows]

Stream this show here: http://panicstream.com/streams/wsp/2011_04_09/player.html



~ by thenoblevisions on April 10, 2011.

8 Responses to “Widespread Panic continued their 25th Anniversary Tour in Asheville, NC on April 8th & 9th”

  1. Great pictures – with you being located in the Cincy area just wondering if you were able to get a pass to take photo’s @ the Louisville shows?

  2. I just had to take a minute and say; You’ve got great talent my friend . . .

  3. Great to hear about you being able to take photo’s of the Palace show! Did you get any pictures of the cool ceiling, etc from the Palace?

    • The Louisville pics are primarily of the band and the first three songs. There was no photo pit for the Louisville show, so most pictures are from the side and behind the orchestra pit. There are a couple from the balcony as well. We’ve been very busy since the shows and have not had the opportunity to dive into developing the images. We will be getting to them this week. Thank you for your patience.

      Joshua Timmermans

  4. I would like to order 2 big prints of JB #16 down.
    Please email me grangermatt@hotmail.com



    • Thank you once again for your interest. Images are the property of Widespread Panic and Noble Visions. Per policy, images of Widespread Panic are not authorized for sale.

      Stop by at any time. Many images you see on The Noble Visions are for sale. Please inquire about other images at our email address: info@noblevisions.com.

      Thank you for stopping by.


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