Cincinnati Photographer Joshua Timmermans completes recent work for The Travel Channel and Ghost Adventures

The widely popular T.V. show Ghost Adventures, that appears on the Travel Channel, was back in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area to film an episode for their 3rd and 4th seasons.  The last time Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin visited the area, they were filming the premier episode of season two of the Ghost Adventures.  Titled “The Return to Bobby Mackies”, the episode aired this past fall.  The men of the Ghost Adventures crew were back in the area in Maysville, KY to film an episode for their upcoming 3rd and 4th seasons.  This visit took the Ghost Adventures crew to the Phillips Folly house in Maysville, Kentucky.  This house was built back in 1825 and was once a stop along the historic Underground Railroad.  Cincinnati photographer Joshua Timmermans of Noble Visions Design and Photography was hired for a second time by The Travel Channel to complete behind the scenes photography of the filming of Ghost Adventures at the Phillips Folly House.  The Noble Visions offers a look behind the scenes filming of the Ghost Adventures, one of The Travel Channel’s most successful programs.


Zak Bagans at the Phillip Folly House in Maysville, KY

Phillips Folly House in Maysville, KY

Ghost Adventures Crew

Ghost Adventures sets up for an interview

Ghost Adventures in Maysville, KY

Phillips Folly House

Aaron Goodwin of Ghost Adventures

Looking over Nick's sholder at the shot

Setting up the shot

The Shot

Phillips Folly House at night

The Ghost Adventures crew discusses the shot


~ by thenoblevisions on March 18, 2011.

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