Trey Anastasio Band delivered a memorable performance to the sold out LC Pavilion on Saturday.

The Trey Anastasio Band is currently on their 2011 winter tour. Lifestyles Community Pavilion in the Arena District in downtown Columbus was the venue the band performed on Saturday night. Not only did the band come to town and deliver a two set acoustic and electric performance, they did so in front of sold out 2200+ person crowd. Trey took the stage around 8:30pm and grabbed his acoustic guitar and started the evening with Sample in a Jar. Trey continued with the acoustic theme for an additional ten songs. Trey then invited all of the members of TAB onstage to play Outkast’s “Hey Ya”. After Hey Ya, Trey picked up his newest electric guitar that fans have been drooling over since the 2010 summer Phish tour. Trey and the TAB played electric for the remaining songs of the first set and carried the electric theme through to the second set. The full setlist can be found below. The Noble Visions offers a photographic recap of the performance.

Set I: (Acoustic) Sample in a Jar, Wilson, Cavern, Joy, Sleep Again, Bug, Chalk Dust Torture, Limb By Limb, Harry Hood, Strange Design, Backwards Down the Number Line, Hey Ya!, Valentine, Cayman Review, Burn That Bridge, Ocelot, First Tube

Set II: (Electric) Gotta Jibboo, Drifting, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Alaska, Sweet and Dandy, Simple Twist Up Dave, It Makes No Difference, Clint Eastwood, Push On ‘Til the Day, Black Dog

Encore: Sand

Notes: “Sample in a Jar” through “Backwards Down the Number Line” were solo acoustic by Trey. “Hey Ya!” was performed acoustic by Trey with the rest of TAB joining him.

*(All images are property of The Noble Visions and the TAB. Reproduction, distribution, and printing are strictly prohibited without approved written consent.)

Trey Anastasio starts off the evening solo acoustic

Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio Band performs at LC Pavilion

Trey smiles at the crowds reactions

Trey checks out the second level of the venue

Trey gets the night gets moving

Trey feels the groove

Trey Anastasio Band at LC Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio

Trey sings and looks into the screaming crowd

Trey and Ray Paczkowski smile as they jam

Trey gets into it

Trey singing Gotta Jibbo

Trey Anastasio Band

Trey's Ax

Trey Anastasio Band in Columbus

Trey Anastasio

Natalie Cressman and Jennifer Hartswick back up Trey

Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio Band on 2/26/11

Trey gets his feet moving and starts bouncing around stage

Trey in full effect

Trey looks deep into the crowd


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2 Responses to “Trey Anastasio Band delivered a memorable performance to the sold out LC Pavilion on Saturday.”

  1. Super sweet pics. Great job, Trey looks great and I bet sounds even better.

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