Galactic and Corey Glover of Living Color brought the funk to a sold out house on Sunday night.

Galactic has been on the touring music scene for well over a decade.  Through the life of the band, they have managed to continually evolve and bring something new to the table year after year.  Many of Galactic’s previous visits to the Cincinnati area, the band chose to play the dirty and blighted Bogart’s on Short Vine.  The last time they performed in the area was as an opening act for Widespread Panic’s performance at US Bank Arena on 4/9/2008.  Prior to this, is was November 3, 2005 that Galactic last played Cincinnati at Bogart’s.  Fast forward to 2011 and Galactic is out on the road to support their recent album Ya Ka May.  This past Sunday night, music fans in Cincinnati had a chance to catch this New Orleans based funk machine deliver their goods. Not only did Galactic finally make it back to Cincinnati, they brought Corey Glover from Living Color fame to add his flair to the performance.  The sold out 20th Century Theater in Oakley was host to this evening of quality music from one of the most admired bands within the legendary New Orleans music community and the world.  The Noble Visions offers a look into this truly remarkable and memorable performance.

*Setlist and link to audio stream from the performance will be posted in time

(All images are property of The Noble Visions.  Reproduction, distribution, or printing is strictly prohibited without approved written consent.)


Robert Mercurio of Galactic

Corey Henry of Rebirth Brass Band on tour with Galactic

Richard Vogel

Galactic performs to a sold out 20th Century Theater

Ben Ellman of Galactic

Robert Mercurio

Corey Glover takes the stage with Galactic

Stanton Moore

Corey Glover gets the crowd involved

Corey Henry of Rebirth Brass Band on tour with Galactic

Galactic burns down the house with their funk!

Fanny Franklin from opening band Orgone joins Galactic on stage

Corey Glover of Living Color joins Galactic on stage

Galactic at 20th Century Theater

Fanny Franklin

Stanton Moore comes out to the front of the stage for some drum improv

Galactic doing what they do

Fanny Franklin

YOUTUBE Videos courtesy of RLBayers and RinaldiProductions


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