Tea Leaf Green paid a visit to Cincinnati at 20th Century Theater on Friday January 28th.

Tea Leaf Green is a four piece band based out of San Fransisco California.  The band’s roots go as far back as the high school years of Josh Clark and Scott Rager, when they played in a band together.  They would later go on to meet Ben Chambers through attending college at San Fransisco State College.  Once the three started playing as a trio, Trevor Garrod attended one of their shows. Within a short period of time Trevor joined the trio and they formed Tea Leaf Green.  Known for their relentless touring and much deserved respect among the live touring circuit, the band has opened for many reputable acts.  Some of which include, Gov’t Mule, Dave Mathews Band, Trey Anastasio, and many others.  Ben Chambers left the band in 2007 and since then Reed Mathis (formerly the bassist for Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey) has been providing the backbone for the quartet.  The band has released a total of 7 albums, with the most recent offering being 2010’s release Looking West.

Tea Leaf Green loves to play Cincinnati and usually visits the city on a weekday night.  This past Friday night was the band’s first weekend gig in the Cincinnati market.  It would prove a smart move, as the 20th Century Theater was packed on Friday night and was treated to a superb performance from this West Coast outfit.  The Noble Visions offers a look into this past Friday’s Tea Leaf Green performance.

(All images are property of The Noble Visions and Joshua Timmermans.  Reproduction and/or redistribution is strictly prohibited without written approved consent.)

(Lighting in 20th Century Theater is not very conducive to rock photography.  The Noble Visions would like to apologize for the lack of Josh Clark images.  The lighting did not allow decent images of Josh)

Tea Leaf Green – January 28, 2011 – 20th Century Theatre – Cincinnati, OH

Set 1: Ride Together, Arise > Germinatin’ Seed, I’ve Been Seeking, Bouncing Betty, Jubilee, Honeymooners, Hot Dog > Kali-Yuga
Set 2: I’ve Got A Truck, 5000 Acres > All Washed Up, Papa’s in the Backroom, Criminal Intent1, 7th Story, Snow Days, Reservoir, Honey Bee, Panspermic De-evolution

Encore: The Garden (Part III)

Notes: w/ Sons of Bill, 1w/ Sam Wilson (Sons of Bill) on guitar

To listen to or download the show visit the Archive at http://www.archive.org/details/tlg2011-01-28.adk.flac24 (Thanks to Shawn Smith)



Trevor Garrod of Tea Leaf Green

Reed Mathis of Tea Leaf Green

Scott Rager and Tea Leaf Green played Cincinnati on January 28th

Tea Leaf Green at 20th Century Theater

Trevor Garrod

Reed Mathis

Cochrane McMillan

Trevor Garrod

Tea Leaf Green at 20th Century Theater

Reed Mathis

Trevor Garrod




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