Photographer Joshua Timmermans will be a featured artist in February’s Final Friday gallery walk in Cincinnati.

The last Friday of each month in Cincinnati is a wonderful opportunity for people to get out and see talented artists display their works as part of the monthly Final Friday Gallery walk.   February 25, 2011 is the date of this month’s Final Friday gallery walk.

The Lacina Interest Real Estate (, as well as Urban Expansion Development Co are hosting their Grand Opening celebration as part of this month’s Final Friday Gallery walk.  Their offices and properties, located at 1344 Vine Street A2, are part of the up-and-coming Gateway Quarter.  Lacina Interest Real Estate and Urban Expansion Development Co are hosting three artists as part of their Grand Opening celebration and Final Friday Gallery walk.  Joshua N Timmermans is a professional photographer and owner of Noble Visions Design and Photography LLC.  The Lacina Interest Real Estate Team and Urban Expansion Development Co have asked Joshua Timmermans to be one of three artists to participate in an exhibit at the Grand Opening celebration.

Joshua N Timmermans will be participating in this gallery exhibit, and will be presenting ten pieces. Joshua Timmermans is well-known throughout the professional musician community for photographing artists at their performances and producing images that truly capture the essence of the music being played.  His dedication to capturing artists through the interpretation of the music will be on full display at the exhibit.  Many of the musicians that Joshua photographs are well-known national and international artists that are highly respected throughout the music community.  Not only will Joshua feature photographs of some of the most popular names in rock-n-roll, he will additionally be presenting a few photographs from his wide collection of photographic art he has worked on throughout the years.

In addition, many of the prints that are being presented will be available for immediate purchase. Visitors to the exhibit will also have the opportunity to order prints directly from Joshua, as he will be in attendance to address any inquiries about the work on display. The Grand Opening celebration and gallery exhibit will also feature artwork from Molly Reckman out of Chicago, as well as Linda Loschiavo from Mt Adams.  Lacina Interest Real Estate and Urban Expansion Development Co will also be providing attendees with wine, cheese, and music while they browse the artwork on display.

Full information about the Grand Opening Gallery Exhibit can be found below:

WHAT: Gallery Exhibit and Grand Opening Open House for Lacina Interest Real Estate & Urban Expansion Development Co.

WHERE: 1344 Vine Street A2 – Cincinnati, OH 45202

WHEN: February 25, 2011.  6pm-10pm

FEATURED ARTISTS: Professional Photographer Joshua N Timmermans ; Molly Reckman; and Linda Lochiavo

RELATED WEBSITES: ; http://www.noblevisions.com


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