GUEST brought their progressive onslaught to Play by Play in Cincinnati on Saturday Sept 4th.

GUEST, having recently played their mind-numbing reunion show in Columbus, Ohio on May 22nd, returned to the stage Saturday night in Cincinnati.  Play by Play in Silverton, just North of Cincinnati, was host to GUEST and Perpetual Groove on Sept 4th.  GUEST is composed of Drew Santer on guitar, Mark Montrella on bass, John Garrett on the green machine (drums/ting-ting), John Hruby on the keyboard (who is also the keyboardist for Perpetual Groove), and Brad Huffman on guitar. Originally hailing from Athens, Ohio, GUEST has been pretty much non-existent over the past 6 years until the earlier mentioned reunion show took place.  After the huge success of the reunion show, GUEST decided to play a few more dates.  This past Saturday at Play by Play in Cincinnati, and Sunday at the Stadium in Oxford, Oh.  The show on Saturday was in support of the Athen’s Georgia based band Perpetual Groove. Sunday in Oxford would be a full GUEST show with members of Perpetual Groove collaborating.  As soon as GUEST took the stage Saturday, anyone in attendance could tell that the members of GUEST were treating the show as if they were performing the headlining spot.  Once the band took the stage, the loyal GUEST supporters filled the floor to get an up close view of the progressive rock-n-roll that was about to be delivered.  The men of GUEST delivered an incredible performance for those in attendance.  We have included the setlist from both the Cincinnati and Oxford shows.  In addition, GUEST will be returning to Cincinnati’s Play by Play on December 18th to resurrect their annual epic holiday concert party – GUESTIVUS!

(All images are property of The Noble Visions and GUEST.  Reproduction, printing, or personal use is strictly prohibited without written consent)

**Once again, The Noble Visions apologizes for no pictures of Johnny Garrett.  He was to far back in the corner with absolutely no light to capture a decent image.**

GUEST – 8/4/10 – Play By Play – Cincinnati, Oh

Set I:  Enough is a lot, Hey Bird, Safety Ship, Q^Lei’s Gold, Nune Thought*, Temperence, March of St Nichols, Back in the Shade

*w/ Steve Buttree on Saxaphone

DOWNLOAD OR STREAM THE 8/4/10 GUEST SHOW HERE: (Thanks to Joel at Jamlivedotorg)

GUEST – 8/5/10 – The Stadium – Oxford, Oh

Set I:  Sycamore Mines, Ida Weller, Fine Tune, Take Two, Wanna Be, My Lie, Happy Cracker*, Itcha > Wowza > Itcha, Pipes, 5 Minutes, At The Screen**

*Last time played – 6yrs ago  **Albert, Brock, Hruby, Drew (Guitar), Brad (Guitar), and Mark (Bass)

Drew Santer

Mark Montrella of GUEST

Brad Huffman and Mark Montrella of GUEST

GUEST at Play by Play in Cincinnati on Sept 4th

Brad Huffman

John Hruby

Mark Montrella

GUEST w/ Steve Buttree on sax for Nune Thought

John Hruby

GUEST at Play by Play

Mark Montrella

John Hruby


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