Ray’s Music Exchange opens its doors again for a magical reunion on Friday July 9th

Ray's Music Exchange tour poster from the early 00's (Artwork by Joshua Timmermans)

If you’re a music fan in Cincinnati and never got to experience the variety of incredible shows that happened in the 90’s and early 00’s at Ripley’s and Barrelhouse, you surely missed out on a cornerstone of the local music scene.  However, this Friday July 9th will be your opportunity to relive a group of musicians that helped create the foundation of Cincinnati’s musical history in the 90’s and early 00’s.  Ray’s Music Exchange will be taking the stage for a reunion show at Play by Play in Silverton just outside of Cincinnati.

RME was created in 1995 and most of its wide range of members met through the University of Cincinnati’s Conservatory of Music while studying to become professional musicians on each of their respective instruments.  That dedication bled through to the creation and attitude of RME.  This group has always been about unity and their performances speak to that focus with complex arrangements of interweaving musical themes.  RME originally started as a funk-rock type band, but has always had its roots firmly planted in the jazz realm. Anyone that has seen or heard them live understand that the jazz background is just the jumping off point.  Through their approach to creating music, the group brings in a wide range of influences that are ever so present in their performances.  The open exploration of music and sounds RME creates can vary on a huge scale.  The band can go from psychedelic to classical and everything in between while creating a landscape of music that makes other musicians envious.  Ray’s Music Exchange has always been about offering the music listener something new and different.  On Friday many of the original members will take the stage along with the wide rotation of incredible musical contributors that helped develop the legacy of RME.  The lineup for the night will include Nick Blasky, Jason Smart, Nicholas Mavridoglou, Paul Hogan, Brad Meyers, Joe McLean, Michael Mavridoglou, Matt Hawkins, Mike Darrah, Steve Kortyka, and a few guest musicians.  Information about the show can be found below.

What: Ray’s Music Exchange reunion show

When: Friday July 9th, 2010

Where: Play by Play Cafe – 6923 Plainfield Road – Cincinnati, Ohio –

Tickets: $12 or $15 day of show –  http://www.cincyticket.com

Event Page: RME Reunion Event Page

Ray’s Music Exchange members have gone on to play with a wide variety of bands and musicians.  Some of which include, Robert Walters 20th Congress, Heavy Weather, Fareed Haque, Frances, Jarvis, Radiant Babies, Super Massive, Umphrey’s McGee, Noctaluca, Jahson, Jon Justice, Wade Baker, Is What, Mandy Schmitzel, Rhyme Fest, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Swarthy Band, andUncle JoeBob.


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