The Wailers performed at the Southgate House on June 22 and sat down to chat with The Noble Visions.

Koolant of the Wailers on 6/22/10

The Noble Visions sat down to talk with Aston “Familyman” Barrett, Koolant and Danglin about the world-famous reggae band the Wailers.  We arrived at the Southgate House around 6pm on Tuesday June 22 just as the Wailers took the stage to do their sound check prior to the evenings show.  After about an hour and fifteen minute sound check, we gathered around a table for a brief discussion about a few items that are at the forefront of the Wailers these days.

The Noble Visions: Welcome to Cincinnati.  It’s great to have you guys here to play your music.

The Wailers: Thanks mon, it’s great to be here.

The Noble Visions: The Wailers are big supporters of Walk the World, The United Nations World Food Programs yearly event to fight child hunger and malnutrition.  You recorded “A Step for Mankind” with Duane Stephenson to bring people together worldwide to raise awareness.  What does being a part of this effort mean to you?

Aston “Familyman” Barrett: Ya mon, We’ll you know Maria, she is the one that started all of that for us.  We want to help the children of the world.  Well you heard us playing “A Step for Mankind” just now.

The Noble Visions: Yes, I did

Familyman: We’ll play that later.  And it is going to be something special tonight.

The Noble Visions: Speaking of bringing people together around the world. the World Cup is currently being played in South Africa.  Unfortunately the Reggae Boyz of Jamaica didn’t make it this year.  Are you guys football fans?

Koolant: Oh ya mon.  Brazil for me.  Ever since I was this big(lifts hand about 3′ from the ground) I loved Brazil.

The Noble Visions: Have you been able to watch any games while you are on the road?

Danglin: Ya, we’ve been able to watch a lot of them.

The Noble Visions: Who do you want to win?

Koolant: Brazil……..they’ve always been a favorite of mine.

The Noble Visions: Robert Marcey is about to release his debut album “Wailin for Justice on June 25th.  Describe your thoughts on Robert Macey and playing a role in creating this recording

Familyman: Well in Jamaica, every artist that puts out a record, they must have at least one reggae song.  So we all help each other out to make sure that each new artists has the ability to carry on the tradition.

The Noble Visions: You are touring with Koolant and Danglin as the Wailers vocalists.  Koolant and Danglin , how has it been so far and what do you bring to the legacy of the Wailers?

Danglin: It is an honor to be on the same stage as the Wailers.  There is much respect to the legacy.  We bring a new energy to the stage that the young people can embrace.

Koolant: To be mentioned in the same sentence as the Wailers is an honor.  I have much respect for the Wailers and the legacy must carry on.  We bring a youthfulness to the Wailers that keeps the spirit alive.  We carry on the tradition and respect of Bob Marley and his music.  It is an honor to be on the stage with Fam.

The Noble Visions: So you can say that playing with the Wailers gives you a sense of pride.

Koolant: Ya mon.

Danglin: Absolutely.

The Noble Visions: Well thank you for your time this afternoon.  Good luck on the tour and have a great show tonight.

The Wailers: Ya mon.  It’s going to be real special tonight.  We will see ya later and enjoy the show.

The Wailers – 6/22/10 – Southgate House – Newport, KY

Intro – Scandal, Natural Mystic, Soul Rebel, Heathen, Concrete Jungle, Hypocrites, Kinky Reggae, Man to Man, BDL-Kaya, Is This Love, Jammin, I Shot the Sheriff, Jah Live, Three Little Birds, One Love

Encore:  Redemption Song, Step for Mankind, Exodus-Party

The Wailers performed at the Southgate House on Tues

Aston "Familyman" Barrett of the Wailers

Danglin of the Wailers

Maria Smith and Racquel Hinds of the Wailers

Anthony Watson of the Wailers

Koolant of the Wailers

The Wailers at the Southgate House

Aston "Familyman" Barrett

Danglin of the Wailers points to the crowd

The Wailers

Wailers Setlist


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