Blues Traveler played to a rowdy crowd at JD Legends in Franklin, Ohio on Saturday June 19th.

John Popper of Blues Traveler on 6/19/10 at JD Legends

Blues Traveler was formed in 1987 as a garage band.  Originally named The Establishment in the mid-eighties, the band renamed themselves in 1987 and would go on to mainstream popularity in the 90’s.  The band received national radio airplay in the 90’s with their hits, “Run Around’ and “Hook” from the album titled Four.  “Run Around” would later go on to win a Grammy award and brake a record for most weeks on the charts.  Blues Traveler has released 10 studio albums as well as three live albums documenting their improvisational and energy driven performances.  Blues Traveler played JD Legends in 2009 and were back on Saturday June 19th 2010 to deliver another memorable evening of new and classic songs in their extensive repertoire.

(All images are property of The Noble Visions and Blues Traveler.  Reproduction, redistribution, or printing is strictly forbidden without written consent)

Blues Traveler at JD Legends on 6/19/10

Chandler Kinchla of Blues Traveler

Ben Wilson of Blues Traveler

Tad Kinchla of Blues Traveler

John Popper at JD Legends on 6/19/10

John Popper sings to the crowd at JD Legends


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