Cincinnati reggae favorites Super Massive opened up for international recording artist Steel Pulse on Wednesday May 26th

Super Massive opened for Steel Pulse on May 26th

Cincinnati has its fair share of local bred bands and artists.  There is only one local reggae outfit that could pull off opening up for the highly acclaimed UK-based reggae supergroup Steel Pulse.  That band is local reggae/rock favorites Super Massive.  Wednesday night is the usual weekly gig for Super Massive at Stanley’s Pub in the East End of Cincinnati.  But this past Wednesday May 26th, the guys of Super Massive switched it up by supporting Steel Pulse in their concert at Inner Circle Entertainment Complex (Formerly Annies).  Super Massive took the stage around 9pm and delivered a great set of original rock/reggae as well as cover songs of crowd favorites.  The energy that Super Massive brought to the venue and crowd was a perfect start to what would end up being an incredible night of phenomenal reggae by Steel Pulse.  Many thanks go out the members of Super Massive for always delivering quality music and providing The Noble Visions with the opportunity to capture them on film during this memorable evening of infectious grooves and stylistic rhythms.

Tim Hensley of Super Massive

John Gentry of Super Massive

Jeremy Lacinak of Super Massive

Andrew Lenihan of Super Massive

Nick Blasky of Super Massive

Alonzo Leggett of Super Massive

Super Massive opens for Steel Pulse

Tim Hensley

John Gentry

Jeremy Lacinak, John Gentry, and Alonzo Leggette

Alonzo Leggette

John Gentry, Jeremy Lacinak, Nick Blasky, and Jeremy Lenihan

Tim Hensley


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