GUEST performed a reunion show this past Saturday in Columbus Ohio to benefit the Mastocytosis Society.

Drew Santer of GUEST

The collective members of GUEST hadn’t performed together in well over 6-7 years until this past Saturday in Columbus.  May 22 was a night to remember for those in attendance of this remarkable and memorable concert.  There had been much buzz and anticipation for this show once it had been announced three to four months ago.  Leading up to the concert people all over the country started making contact with old friends and setting up their travel plans to make sure they could be in Columbus to witness what would end up being a truly magical evening.  Once Saturday rolled around and people made their way to Columbus, the energy and excitement by the collective whole was at an all time high.  Friends, family, fans, and newcomers began to arrive at the venue around 9pm.  After everyone exchanged hugs and hello’s to friends and familiar faces, the guys of GUEST were ready to take the stage.  Once 10pm hit……GUEST then delivered three sets of some of the best music they’ve ever performed.  The crowd danced with intense energy and drove the band to feed off of the raw power that was being emitted by those bouncing off the walls.  The guys of GUEST were back and delivered one for the ages!  Much love to all those that were part of this special entity we call GUEST!  GO GUEST!!

(Apologies go out to J.R. Hecker, Johnny Garrett, and Scotty Foertmeyer for me not getting any up close photos during the show.  Much love to all of you.)

GUEST  –  5/22/10  – Ruby Tuesday Live  – Columbus, Ohio

Set I: Joe Cain> Boy> Joe Cain> Sycamore Mines> Just Fine, Estonia, Party in Session, Itcha> Sold> Take 2> Itcha, 5 minutes

Set II: *Lost> *Diggin, *Fine Tune, $ Interlocken, $Come in, $Mine Shaft, $Ida, Pipes

Set III: Jimmy Grey, Q^lei’s Gold, Little Man> %What up wit dat> Little Man, Back in the Shade

*W/ Scottie Foertmeyer on Drums-
$ W/ JR Hecker on Guitar
% W/ Jason Sudekis (AKA Louis Kontos) in the Red Running man suit holding a plastic Monkey and Zach Galafanakis (AKA Chris Milliron) in the White suit on the Flute solo

GUEST performs on May 22, 2010 in Columbus

Mark Montrella of GUEST

John Hruby of GUEST

GUEST on May 22, 2010

Mark Montrella, Drew Santer, and John Hruby

Drew Santer of GUEST

BRad Huffman

John Hruby of GUEST

JOhn Hruby of GUEST



Drew Santer of GUEST


John Hruby of GUEST

Drew Santer of GUEST


Mark Montrella of GUEST


~ by thenoblevisions on May 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “GUEST performed a reunion show this past Saturday in Columbus Ohio to benefit the Mastocytosis Society.”

  1. Great work Josh. Nice write up and photos. Memorable concert for sure! Go Guest.

  2. These pictures truly captured the night. I want another show.

  3. Nice work Josh…GO GUEST!!!

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