Recent commissioned rock art for GUEST reunion concert by Cincinnati graphic designer Joshua Timmermans

The Return of GUEST commissioned rock art

GUEST, based out of Columbus Ohio, hasn’t played together in well over five years.  That long drought comes to an end next weekend in Columbus as the members of GUEST take the stage for a reunion show.  Noble Visions Design and Photography and Joshua Timmermans were contacted about designing the promo poster for the event, as well as a show print to be sold to fans at the show.  The promo poster featured a swarm of flying mechanized creatures representing the “Return of GUEST”.  This poster presented today is the event poster and depicts GUEST upon their return.  The design was created over a 4 day sitting and required quite a few steps to reach the final product.  The first step in creating this print was to come up with an idea that would tie into the promo poster that had already been completed.  The idea of the octopus and robot seemed to fit the feel and playing style of GUEST.  Once the idea was firm, the initial step is to create a rough outline as depicted in the first image of the creation process.  Once the rough outline was created we went back in a finalized the pencil sketch of the design as seen in the second photograph.  After the pencil sketch was completed, the process of inking the outline of the design started as seen in photograph three.  The inking process is a time-consuming and tedious stage in the process and once the outline was finished (photograph four), we could start to go into the detail work.  The inking took about 5 hours to complete……and at the halfway spot you could see the design taking shape as seen in photograph five.  The process of inking the design was completed as seen in photograph six.  Once the inking was done, a high-resolution scan of the image is done and then imported into Adobe Illustrator.  The process of color the design is as much fun as it is frustrating.  After many hours of color changes and schemes, different shadings, and font tweaks, the design was nearly complete.  The last stage of the design was to introduce the flying creature that was featured in the promo poster for the show.  Once we strategically placed a few flying creatures, the poster was complete.

The prints will be available the day of the show in Columbus.  The amount that will be printed has yet to be determined.  The poster will be printed on 11 x 17 archival poster stock.  Each print will be hand signed and numbered by the artist Joshua Timmermans.

Details of the event can be found below.

Design process photograph #1

Design process photograph #2

Design process photograph #3

Design process photograph #4

Design process photograph #5

Design process photograph #6

WHAT“The Return of GUEST”.  3 sets of GUEST

WHEN: May 22, 2010. Doors 6pm Show 10pm

WHERE: Ruby Tuesday 1978 Summit St. Columbus, Ohio

INFO: GUEST on Facebook:!/pages/GUEST/352039624953?ref=ts


~ by thenoblevisions on May 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Recent commissioned rock art for GUEST reunion concert by Cincinnati graphic designer Joshua Timmermans”

  1. Josh, your ideas are getting more and more creative all the time and your talent is really on the rise! Nice work on this poster.

  2. Bad ASS

  3. this is johnny, hand drawn and so excellent!

    thanks Josh, cant wait for the show…..

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