Cincinnati electro-rock band No No Knots invade Northside Tavern on Friday with Kry Kids and Chappo supporting.

No No Knots play Northside Tavern on Friday

When you first listen to the No No Knots you are mesmerized by the experimental feel of the music.  Then you hear the very distinct sexy voice of Mollie Sullivan and the playing ability of Eli Maiman, Martin Diller, Eddy Kwan, and Dave McClellan and you realize that each of these musicians are virtuosos in their own respect.  I am one that hates putting music into categories, but if I were to describe the sound of the No No Knots, I would have to say the following.   The No No Knots are a post-punk electro rock outfit that deliver flowing rhythms and melodies that break the barrier of what a listener would expect.  Full of synth twists and turns, interlaced with pop danceable grooves, the No No Knots take their sound to the next level.  Some will want to throw No No Knots into the Indie Rock category immediately, but with the progressive experimentation that takes place on stage coupled with the obvious jazz improv influence,  I am reluctant to do the same.  The No No Knots set themselves apart with their new fresh approach to a wide variety of styles of music.  They do so in a very artistic, experimental, sexy and danceable way that appeals to the emotional side of music.  The No No Knots are a band that has great potential, and Friday is your chance to see them in an intimate setting before they blow up.

The No No Knots will be joined by the Cincinnati based band Kry Kids.  Known for their post-punk robo-electronic sound, the Kry Kids will take the stage before the No No Knots perform.  This quartet made up of Dave Rohs, Jeremy Lesniak, Brendan Bogosian, and Brent Donaldson.

In addition the Brooklyn based band Chappo will be kicking off the night.  Good friends of the No No Knots, Chappo is touring in support of their recent EP, Plastique Universe.  The band can be described as the following (Taken from Chappo myspace)

Chappo is a cross-pollination of indie pop and space rock.  It’s the Rolling Stones in space and like the Flaming Lips without gravity.  They’ve got space shoes, phantasmagorical adventures, confetti six shooters and diamond powder-filled hourglasses.

These three bands come to Northside Tavern on Friday April, 30 2010.  All information about the event and links to each bands info can be found below.

WHAT: No No Knots, Kry Kids, & Chappo

WHEN: 10pm.  April 30, 2010

WHERE: Northside Tavern ~ 4163 Hamilton Ave Cincinnati, Ohio



No No Knots:  Myspace, Facebook

Kry Kids:  Myspace

Chappo:  Website, Myspace, Facebook


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