Widespread Panic, The Noble Visions, AliveOne, and ATO records are proud to present the official ‘Dirty Side Down’ CD release parties.

Dirty Side Down cd release parties at AliveOne in Cincinnati & Chicago

ATO recording artists and one of America’s top touring live bands, Widespread Panic will be releasing their 11th studio effort, Dirty Side Down on May 25, 2010. The Noble Visions, AliveOne, Widespread Panic, and ATO Records have teamed up to bring Cincinnati and Chicago the official Widespread Panic Dirty Side Down CD release parties.  The Dirty Side Down CD release party at AliveOne Cincinnati will take place Tuesday evening on May, 25 2010.  The Dirty Side Down CD release party at AliveOne Chicago will take place the night before the release on Monday May 24, 2010.  Dirty Side Down will be played in its entirety multiple times throughout the evening at both AliveOne locations.

Listen to Dirty Side Down, the title track off the new album here ~ Dirty Side Down – Track #3 off Widespread Panic’s new offering.

Dirty Side Down, the 11th studio album from Widespread Panic is set for a May 25th release on ATO Records. Dirty Side Down is comprised of 12 songs that incorporate Panic’s unique blend of rock, jazz and blues inspired textures into songs flowing with melody, rhythm and emotion.

After 24 years, Widespread Panic remains one of America’s best live bands, and most successful touring acts. Aside from their legendary live shows, they continue to raise the bar in their genre through their songwriting, and Dirty Side Down is a prime example. Band members John Bell (vocals/guitar), John Herman (keyboards/vocals), Jimmy Herring (lead guitar), Todd Nance (drums/vocals), Domingo Ortiz (percussion) and Dave Schools (bass/vocals) combine their efforts by writing, or co-writing, 10 of the album’s 12 tracks. Songs, such as the dark, multi-layered opener “Saint Ex”, the boogie blues of “Jaded Tourist” or the laid back Southern nature of “When You Comin” home showcase Widespread Panic’s dynamic range as songwriters and musicians.

One of the highlights of Dirty Side Down is the hauntingly beautiful cover of “This Cruel Thing” written by the late Vic Chesnutt, whose songs the band has recorded and performed for years. Widespread Panic has previously collaborated with Chesnutt on two albums under the name Brute. “I guess Widespread Panic and Vic aren’t quite done with each other yet.”, says Panic lead singer John Bell.

Dirty Side Down was produced John Keane along with Widespread Panic. Keane also engineered, mixed and mastered the album, as well as contributed pedal steel and acoustic guitar.”

“We are very pleased to be able to bring Widespread Panic’s official Dirty Side Down CD release parties to the Cincinnati and Chicago AliveOne locations.” said Joshua Timmermans, President/Creative Director of Noble Visions Design and Photography and Editor of The Noble Visions.  “Widespread Panic is a band that has been creating and playing music for well over 24 years.  They continue to evolve as a band and always deliver memorable concerts.  For The Noble Visions, AliveOne, and fans of Widespread Panic in Cincinnati and Chicago to be given the opportunity to attend the official Dirty Side Down CD release parties, is a privilege our community welcomes and embraces.  The Noble Visions, AliveOne, Widespread Panic and ATO records have been working very closely to get everything in order for the events, and are excited for the first listen of Dirty Side Down.  We expect these listening parties to draw large crowds with the popularity of Widespread Panic.  We are happy to bring these types of events to the music fan base in Cincinnati and Chicago and look forward to a great night.”

The Cincinnati and Chicago CD release parties for Dirty Side Down, the 11th studio album from Widespread Panic will take place at both AliveOne locations. Cincinnati AliveOne will hold their party on Tuesday May 25, 2010.  AliveOne Chicago will hold their party on Monday May 24, 2010.  Live recordings and DVDs of Widespread Panic will be played throughout the night leading up to the first official listening of Dirty Side DownDirty Side Down will be played in its entirety multiple times during the event.  The Noble Visions and AliveOne offer this event free of charge.  All information about the event, will be available via AliveOne’s social media marketing outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Etc), The Noble Visions publication(https://thenoblevisions.wordpress.com) and social media marketing outlets.  In addition, more information is available by contacting each AliveOne locations;  Cincinnati: 513-721-6977  Chicago: 773-348-9800

WHAT: Widespread Panic ‘DIRTY SIDE DOWN’ cd release party

WHEN: Tuesday May 25, 2010 (Cincinnati).  Monday May 24, 2010(Chicago)

WHERE: AliveOne Cincinnati 1054 St Gregory Street.  Mt Adams 513-721-6977.  AliveOne Chicago 2683 North Halsted Street.

INFO: Widespread Panic live music and DVDs played throughout the night.  Dirty Side Down to be played multiple times during the event.  Go to AliveOne’s Facebook page for more information:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=111360465562045&ref=ts

Widespread Panic’s website:  http://www.widespreadpanic.com

Widspread Panic release their 11th studio album on May 25, 2010

Dirty Side Down


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