Recent commissioned concert rock art for the band GUEST out of Columbus, Oh. “The Return of GUEST”

The Return of GUEST promo poster

Noble Visions Design and Photography was recently contacted by our friends and members of the band GUEST in Columbus, Ohio to create a pre-show event poster for their upcoming “The Return of GUEST” show taking place May 22, 2010.  Known for their progressive playing style, the artwork for this print was intended to match the bands  intensity and stage presence.  The print was also a vehicle to send the message that the original members of GUEST will be taking the stage together once again to perform their unmatched style of progressive music.  The design for the print was created completely in Illustrator.  The bug design was created over a 15 hour sitting using wacom graphics tablet and the illustrator software.  Each line of the bug is a unique aspect of the design and can be tweaked and manipulated.  Each small detail in this robotic flying creature was created based on the area of the structure to give the realistic working mechanical feel to the bug.  Once the wire frame of the bug was designed, the translucent aspects of the creature were applied to the wings.   Once the bug was completely designed, the creative flow of the poster was conceptualized.  The idea of a mechanized swarm of creatures to represent “The Return of GUEST” fit perfectly based on the style of this diverse band.  We laid out the idea with multiple copies of the original bug to create the look and feel of a swarm.  Once we created the swarm, we took a large version of the bug to be the forefront of the poster.  We added the text and thought it would be interesting if a couple of the bugs could hang on the “The Return of GUEST” headline.  We placed the bugs on the GUEST logo (The logo is from a 2001 GUEST design we created) as if they are hanging out.  Once the information was placed on the print, we made some small changes and wrapped it up.  The poster will be going up in bars and venues in the Columbus Ohio are starting this weekend.  Information about the show can be seen below, as well as the initial bug design.

WHAT: “The Return of GUEST”.  3 sets of GUEST

WHEN: May 22, 2010. Doors 6pm Show 10pm

WHERE: Ruby Tuesday 1978 Summit St. Columbus, Ohio

INFO: GUEST on Facebook:!/pages/GUEST/352039624953?ref=ts

The original bug design:

Original bug design for The Return of GUEST poster.


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