STS9 brought their electronic pulsed, explorative improv dance music and light show to Madison Theater on Thursday

David Murphy of STS9 at Madison Theater

Being the day after St Patrick’s Day, you would think there wouldn’t be many people out after a day of green beer and Irish shenanigans.  However, when STS9 comes to town, you can guarantee that the fans will show up in masses.  And that is exactly what happened last night to a nearly sold out house at Covington’s Madison Theater.  STS9 originally hailing from Atlanta, have called Santa Cruz home for most of their career.  STS9 has become the band they are today by sticking to ideals they consider necessary to maintain clarity in the quest to continue to be a successful band.  Not a fan of traditional record companies and the practices involved with the corporate aspect of the business, they have always strived to be who they are on their own.  Forming their own boutique record label 1320 Records, every aspect of running a band is done internally.  Big advocates of charitable contributions, the members of STS9 love their music and fans, but giving back is what drives the core of these individuals.

The evening began with an hour of mixed tracks and beats by opening DJ, ANA Sia.  As the crowd started to fill in the first level, you could feel the room getting packed.  As Ana Sia got the room literally bouncing up and down, it was evident that the crowd on hand was ready for a long night of feeling the beats and dancing it out.  Ana finished her set to a loud roar of appreciation from the crowd.  She was blown away by the energy in the room and got on the mic to thank the crowd.  Then the words came out Ana’s mouth that would make any Cincinnatian laugh……….she yelled out…….”You guys are crazy!!!”   I say this in thinking about the recent article written by the online publication “The Daily Beast”.  You know, the one that rated the top 25 craziest cities……..yeah…….Cincinnati was number one. (Link).  As the house lights came on, the stage crew started to set up the stage, and the “crazy” crowd mingled and waited for STS9 to take the stage.

As the crew did their thing, the stage lights started to adjust and the fog machines started to fill the room with smoke, setting the mood.  The stage was set, the lights were ready, the crowd was bursting at the seams with anticipation.  The entire venue was completely packed at this point.  Top floor was full, the first floor was packed beyond comfort, and the second tier was a sardine can.  The soundboard level had a little breathing room, but the bars in the back were spacious and comfortable.  As I made my way through all of that to the front of the house to make sure we got our pictures, you could feel the energy building.  The house lights went down, the crowd erupted like a volcano flowing over with raw energy.  You could see the look of joy and amazement in the eyes of the guys of STS9 when they witnessed the fans in such a frenzied state.  They knew the crowd was ready, and from the look of it, you could tell they were ready as well.  The guys of STS9 delivered an energy filled two set show that went on well into Friday morning.  The crowd wanted a show, and they got one!

STS9 3.18.10 – Madison Theater – Covington, KY


I: Tokyo, Really Wut?, Frequencies 2>3, This Us, Instantly, Circus, Once Told, Surreality > EB
II: Aimlessly>Nautilus>Aimlessly, Hi-Key, 1103, Monkey Music, Arigato
E: Looking Back on Earth, Lo Swaga

STS9 at Madison Theater

Hunter Brown of STS9

STS9 at Madison Theater Thursday March 18, 2010

David Murphy of STS9

STS9 at Madison Theater

STS9 at Madison Theater March 18, 2010

STS9 at Madison Theater

STS9 at Madison Theater

David Phipps and Hunter Brown of STS9

STS9 gets the crowd roaring at Madison Theater

David Murphy of STS9

STS9 at Madison Theater


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