Shepard Fairey ~ A HDR Photographic look at the four initial murals in Cincinnati

Shepard Fairey mural outside Arnold's on 8th street. (HDR)

This is a follow-up to our initial article on the new Shepard Fairey exhibit that begins at the Contemporary Arts Center Friday February 19, 2010.  (Link to Part I).  The exhibit titled “Supply & Demand: 20 year Retrospective” is set to kick off tomorrow with Shepard DJ’ing during the opening.  The event begins at 7pm for current CAC members, and will be open to the public at 8pm.  In addition, Shepard has created a limited edition print for the CAC exhibit.  450 were printed and the will be available on a first come, first serve basis.  A limit of 2 prints will be sold to each person.  One of the unique features of this exhibit is Shepard has secured permission to bomb tag different locations with his murals throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area.  We were able to get out today and capture these murals on film.  This is the beginning of a new project Noble Visions Design and Photography is working on.  This project tentatively titled “Cincinnati in HDR” will showcase various locations throughout Cincinnati in High Dynamic Range photographs.  The images of Shepard’s murals is the first installment of this project.  We will be following up this article with full coverage of Shepard Fairey’s opening tomorrow at CAC.  We will be offering a look into the “Cincinnati in HDR” project as it progresses.

Shepard Fairey mural at the corner of 13th & Main Cincinnati, Ohio. (HDR)

Shepard Fairey mural at 212 East 14th street on exhibit sponsor Lightborne's offices. (HDR)

Shepard Fairey mural outside the Contemporary Arts Center. (HDR)

Shepard Fairey mural on 13th & Main in Cincinnati

~ by thenoblevisions on February 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “Shepard Fairey ~ A HDR Photographic look at the four initial murals in Cincinnati”

  1. Great stuff.

  2. awesome art….awesome photos….feel like i’m there!

  3. This technique is amazing! This is an opportunity to give justice to photographic images of our city and its love of all things artistic.

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