Concert Rock Art ~ Part II – A look into collecting pieces of art that tell the tale of rock music, rock graphics, and rock culture

Artist Vance Kelly. Galactic Mystic Sideshow. Oct 26, 2001

We continue our weekly series looking into the world of rock art, rock art artists and diehard concert poster collectors.(Link to Part I) With Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday this week, we thought we would look to New Orleans again for some inspiration of today’s feature.  One of the loving qualities of the Nawlin’s culture is music permeates every aspect of life.  The music is the backbone of a city with distinct French architecture and cross cultural multilingual heritage.  This melting pot of influences has created a rich history of late night music escapades.  This Derek Trucks Band and Galactic Mystic Sideshow was one soon to not be forgotten.  The evening featured a high wire act, flame throwers, carnival acts and random musings all backed by New Orleans favorites Galactic.  The show took place on October 26, 2001.  It began at 12:30 am and went on well into the morning hours.  The historic Saenger Theater was packed for a monumental show in the evolution of Galactic.  The poster that was featured this evening was created by artist Vance Kelly out of New Orleans.  Vance continues his art today and his website is  A wide array of samples of his work can be found on his website.  In addition, Vance has set up a gallery on Epilogue.  This specific show print was handed out to each and every person that attended the show.

Concert Rock Art ~ Part I

Concert Rock Art ~ Part II


~ by thenoblevisions on February 17, 2010.

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