Concert Rock Art – A look into collecting pieces of art that tell the tale of rock music, rock graphics, and rock culture

This is the beginning of a weekly series looking into the world of rock art, rock art artists and diehard concert poster collectors.  Being a collector and designer of rock art has been a passion of mine for quite some time.  Concert posters have been around for many years.  When the LP started to die, it took the album art that we all loved with it.  With each new record that a band put out, part of the anticipation in hearing the new album was to also see what art was on the album cover.  In order to fill this void when records died in the mid-eighties (or faded off for all my LP collecting friends), many of these album cover artists turned to designing concert posters.  Today’s concert poster artists can be credited with the rebirth of many types of printmaking.  Many of these artists embraced the traditional letterpress and silk screening printing methods.  In addition, with the evolution of digital design tools, many artists took the leap into the digital future of concert rock art.

Many books have been written about concert art and the artists credited with creating them.  However, there are two definitive guides about rock art and collecting show prints.  These publications are “The Art of Rock” and “The Art of Modern Rock” written and compiled by Paul Grushkin & Dennis King.  These two publications offer a detailed look into this medium and how it has progressed to where it is today.  I highly recommend checking out these books if you are a passionate collector of show prints.

In addition, a few websites have sprung up over the years that showcase artists, prints and personal collections.  The two definitive websites dedicated to posters, artists, and collectors are Expressobeans and Gig Posters.  With Expressobeans you are able to track your own collection as well as hunt down show posters people have been trying to find for years.  The nice thing about Expressobeans is the ability to interact directly with the artists.  Gig Posters is relatively new to the scene, but it offers a wide range of posters from varying artists and musicians.  Below I have included links to many sites that focus on concert posters.  The previous two just happen to be a favorite of ours.

As part of this ongoing series, each week we will be presenting a new concert poster from our archives.  We have a vast assortment of rock art from countless venues across the country, as well as many show bills that we have grabbed while on the road.  In addition, we will occasionally offer a look inside to new concert posters being designed by Noble Visions Design and Photography as well as past works we have done.

We start off the series with looking at a show poster from the famous Tipitina’s in New Orleans.  This show print was part of their 2001 late night Fess Jazztival.  Fess Jazztival is a collection of late night concerts at Tipitina’s during the New Orleans annual Jazz Festival.  The original artist is Dr Design.

2001 Fess Jazztival. Artist: Dr Design

Below you find links to some of the most popular rock art and memorabilia sites on the internet today.  If you are any sort of collector or designer of rock art, I can say that you will enjoy spending countless hours browsing these following sites.

We look forward to sifting through our archives to showcase some of the artwork we have collected over the years.  Enjoy what you see, and happy collecting!


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