Recent commissioned rock art for international reggae group Groundation out of San Francisco, California

We were contacted by Joel Mowrey of Smoking J’s Hot Sauce Company in Asheville North Carolina a few weeks ago about a project he was pursuing.  His business is one of the local community sponsors for a concert that will be taking place at the Grey Eagle.  This concert will feature the international music group Groundation from San Francisco, Ca.  Each year this band travels the country for an annual Bob Marley Tribute Tour.  In this 10th Annual Bob Marley Tribute Tour the band is scheduled for a 17 show tour that will span the country from New York to California.  On February 11, 2010, Groundation is set to play in the gorgeous Appalachian mountain town of Asheville North Carolina. Joel Mowrey was interested in creating a one of a kind concert print to showcase this special show.  I took the job under my wing, and with the creative input from the band and Joel, I was able to come up with a design that fit the feel and direction of the concert.

The print was first toyed with by sketching out the design.  Once the idea took shape, I then went into Illustrator and designed the silhouette pattern over the hair in this famous Bob Marley picture.  Once that design was created in Illustrator I applied a textured background to the image.  This texture was used to give the poster an earthy feel.  Once these two items were in place, I moved over to Photoshop to finish up the over all design.  I used some different brushes to create the abstract feeling around the border of the poster.  I then free designed the fonts in Illustrator and imported them to Photoshop.  Once they were in place, there was some small tweaking done.  We are all very pleased with how the design turned out.

Limited Edition Print.  19×13 on 100lb poster/card stock.  60 prints all hand signed and numbered.  Prints are available at the show or by contacting

Below the poster is a brief description of  this special tour.


Groundation official show poster for 2/11/2010

The following information about Groundation’s annual Bob Marley Tribute Tour was provided courtesy of One Vibe Reggae.

What compels an internationally successful music group to set out on a tribute tour? Why would a constantly in-demand touring band with a diverse and growing fanbase spend what little time they have available playing someone else’s music? Well, Groundation is no ordinary band and the music of Robert Nesta Marley is not just any other collection of music.

Groundation began their annual Bob Marley Tribute Tour in 2000 as a means of celebrating the life and material of a true musical prophet. Marley’s impact is hard to overstate. No other musician of the 20th Century is more well known across all parts of the globe than Marley.

His music united people of all classes and creeds through its easily relatable parables of overcoming social injustices by ways of unity and love. And though his music is often associated with the downtrodden and dispossessed, for surely those were who his music was made, mainstream media outlets served notice too; Time magazine famously listed Marley’s Legend as the best album of the last 100 years.

But Groundation does not simply rest on the well known hits from Marley’s hugely successful “best-of” albums. Their tribute tour differs than other bands’ similar outings by exposing those people familiar with Marley’s music and message to the lesser known material of his catalog. While true that the inescapable sing-alongs do occur at these tribute shows, more often than not even the most seasoned Marley aficionado will hear songs they have yet to see performed live.

Groundation has drawn international recognition through their musicianship, which is unrivaled in the genre. A nine-piece band featuring swirling horns and keyboards, multiple percussionists, thundering b3 organ and bass, and a trio of lead and harmony vocalists, Groundation covers all bases with their wide ranging sound. Their live shows are renowned for over the top improvisational energy and positivity and their progressive sound is catching on, having played in 35+ countries on four continents in just the last few years, including headlining slots at major multi-genre festivals the world over.

These are not lame imitators attempting to replicate Bob’s music. Groundation uses the template of Marley’s music and liberally adds their own colors of the sonic palate creating altogether new and unique versions of timeless tracks. Groundation is the biggest, most respected American Reggae band in the world today and their tribute to the King of Reggae music is unlike any others. Come join us and find out why…


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