They Might Be Giants were back on stage at the Southgate House on September 20th

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They Might Be Giants invaded the Southgate House on Tuesday September 20th.  Not only did they come to play, they performed in front of a completely packed sold out ballroom.  Known for their alternative style of music, the band loves to experiment with the sound they produce.  Coming off of recent success in the children music genre, the band is back to the old ways that garnished them notoriety in their early years.  Accompanied by a full light show and projection production, the band delivered a memorable evening of music. The Noble Visions offers a look into the Sept 20th They Might Be Giants show.

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They Might Be Giants – 9/20/11 – Southgate House – Newport, KY



Toubab Krewe brought their Mali inspired music to Southgate House on September 15th

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Toubab Krewe hails from the small, yet diverse, mountain town of Asheville, NC.  Known for their Mali inspired approach to creating music, the band combines a Southern rock sound to create a unique tapestry of instrumental performances.  The group is composed of two electric guitars, electric bass guitar, drum set and African percussion, the kora, a Soku, and a kamelengoni.  Luke Quaranta, David Pransky, Drew Heller, Vic Stafford, and Justin Perkins make up this eclectic sounding group.  Recently featured on National Geographic “Jams” or World Music, the band brought their show to the Southgate House on September 15.  The Noble Visions offers a look into a Toubab Krewe performance.

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Toubab Krewe – 9/15/11 – Southgate House – Newport, Ky

Robert Randolph & The Family Band brought the crowd in on a Monday night at the Southgate House

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Monday nights in the Cincinnati music scene can be something left to be desired.  Except on a rare occasion, a band visits town and brings out the masses.  This was the case last night at the Southgate House in Newport, Ky when Robert Randolph brought his Family Band to the ballroom at the storied mansion.  The Cincy Brass opened up the evening with their “Nawlins Soul Meets Cincinnati Funk” sound and did on hell of a job getting the crowd ready for what was to come.  With nearly the entire floor of the ballroom occupied and the balcony full of people, Robert Randolph and The Family Band took the stage around 9:30.   He delivered a rocking hour and forty-five minute set that would keep the crowd rocking the entire night.  The Noble Visions offers our reader with a look into the Robert Randolph and The Family Band performance at the Southgate House this past Monday.

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Robert Randolph & The Family Band – 9/12/11 – Southgate House – Newport, KY

Set I: (Setlist to follow)

The Cincy Brass shared a bill with Robert Randolph on Monday night at the Southgate House

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The Cincy Brass is the hottest local band in Cincinnati right now.  Self described as “Nawlins Soul Meets Cincinnati Funk”, the description couldn’t be more spot on.  However, in our opinion the diversity and originality of this outfit goes much deeper than the emotions their self description evokes.  As one member of the band would say last night, “Who came to see Robert Randolph tonight and thought they would see War Pigs played by a brass band?”  That is just the beginning of the vast and diverse repertoire this band possesses. Expect the completely unexpected from these guys.  Not only expect to be surprised, but be surprised by some of the best musicians in Cincinnati.  If you didn’t get a chance to see them open up for Robert Randolph, you’ll get your chance soon enough.  They play around town quite often and will be participating in this year’s Mid Point Music Festival in two weeks.  Information about The Cincy Brass can be found below.  The Noble Visions offers our readers with a look into The Cincy Brass opening up for Robert Randolph and The Family Band at the Southgate House on 9/12/11.

The Cincy Brass:  information about the band

The Cincy Brass at Mid Point Music Festival:

Blink-182 docked their tour at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati on Sunday August 21st

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Blink-182 visited Riverbend Music Center on Sunday as part of the Honda Civic Tour.  The show also featured performances from Manchester Orchestra, and My Chemical Romance.  Blink-182 took the stage full of energy and led the crowd through an electric night of rock-n-roll.

Blink-182 – 8/21/11 – Riverbend Music Center – Cincinnati, Ohio

Set I:  Feeling This, Up All Night, The Rock Show, What’s My Age Again?, Down, Blow Job, I Miss You, Stay Together for the Kids, Dumpweed, Always, Violence, After Midnight, First Date, Heart’s All Gone, Man Overboard, Ghost on the Dancefloor, All the Small Things, Josie, Drum Solo, Carousel, Dammit, Family Reunion

©Joshua Timmermans Photo/Word

My Morning Jacket and their musical theatrics were on display at PNC Pavilion last night.

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My Morning Jacket visited PNC Pavilion on Wednesday night.  The Noble Visions was in attendance and offers our readers a brief look into a MMJ performance.

©Joshua Timmermans/The Noble Visions

My Morning Jacket8/17/11 – PNC Pavilion – Cincinnati, Ohio

Set I:  Victory Dance, Circuital, You Wanna Freak Out, Off The Record, I’m Amazed, Anytime, Lay Low, Outta My System, Wonderful (The Way I Feel) *, Slow Slow Tune, Steam Engine, Gideon, Smokin From Shootin, (end of) Run Thru, First Light, Touch me I’m Going To Scream Pt.2, Holdin On To Black Metal, Mageetah

Encore: Wordless Chorus, The Day Is Coming, Cobra, Stop Draggin My Heart Around (Tom Petty & Stevie Nicks) **, One Big Holiday

*  w/ Daniel Martin Moore
** w/ Neko Case

Listen to the 8/17/11 My Morning Jacket performance from PNC Pavilion here:  (Thanks to Jim Merkl): My Morning Jacket – 8/17/11 – PNC Pavilion – Cincinnati, Ohio

Janet Jackson and her #1’s tour took the stage at PNC Pavilion on Thursday

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Janet Jackson brought the second leg of her North American #1’s tour to Cincinnati on Thursday August 11, 2011.  The Noble Visions offers a look into the Janet Jackson performance at PNC Pavilion.

©Joshua Timmermans/The Noble Visions  Photo/Word

Janet Jackson – 8/11/11 – PNC Pavilion – Cincinnati, Ohio

The Pleasure Principle” “Control” “What Have You Done for Me Lately” “Feedback” “You Want This” “Alright” “Miss You Much” “Nasty” “Nothing” “Come Back to Me” “Let’s Wait Awhile” “Again” “Janet’s Image” (Video Interlude) (contains excerpts of “Rope Burn”, “Any Time, Any Place“, “Got ‘Til It’s Gone“, “Go Deep” and “What’s It Gonna Be?“)Doesn’t Really Matter” “Escapade” “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” “When I Think of You” “All for You” “That’s the Way Love Goes” “I Get Lonely1,2 “Band Interlude” (contains excerpts of “What About”)Black Cat2If” “Scream” “Rhythm Nation

Encore “Diamonds1,2The Best Things in Life Are Free1,2Throb(interlude) 1,2Together Again


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